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.Net Protocol Builder is a tool to generate TCP Protocol code in C#
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Protocol Builder

.Net Protocol Builder is a tool to generate TCP Protocol code in C#. Don't waste your time coding and debugging your protocol, this may take up to two months. Try .Net Protocol Builder for Free and generate your full TCP protocol code in minutes.

1- 100% pure managed code for your TCP protocol generated in C#.

2- Simple design, focus on your own data in the packet, Protocol Builder will do the structure of your packets (Start, End, ID, Type, Length ...).

3- Sophisticated Listener, Server Connection and Client Connection Classes, these are implementated using threads, mutexes and semaphores.

4- Support for wide variety of types in the packet, this includes: string, DateTime, double, Int16, Int32, Int64, byte, UInt16, UInt32, UInt64 and byte[].

5- Built-in Protocol logger, this will keep a record of all events and all sent/received packets.

6- Generate your protocol Documentation with a click in .txt and .docx formats.

7- Save your protocol design in .apb file to amend it later and generate its code.

8- Faster time to market for your product.

9- Affordable price compared to time and efforts you would waste in building your own classes.

10- Using .Net Protocol Builder, you will have no more TcpClient, TcpListener, and NetworkStream Problems!

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